Troop 195 Summer Camp at Onteora Scout Reservation 

Onteora Scout Reservation, located in Livingston in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, opened in 1956. Troop 195 has been making the annual summer camp trip to Onteora almost every July since shortly after its inception.

image57 Onteora is a beautiful setting for minds curious about the natural environment, intellectual pursuits, all forms of learning, and the development of lifelong friendships. The picture below, at the kickoff of a recent summer camp, is a collection of both very new and very experienced scouts. That contrast, and the different sets of interests and expectations they have at the beginning of the week, is fundamental to what makes summer camp work as well as what keeps it interesting every year. Whether it is the many Onteora-run programs aligned to merit badge pursuits, participating in the traditional building of the Troop 195 tower, or investigating and inventing your own adventures inside and outside the Troop 195 campsite, there truly is something for everyone.


For as long as the collective memory of the elders of the troop alumni community, Troop 195 has always practiced the
art of chopping, sawing, digging, lashing, and knot tying that to into building the Troop 195 tower at the entrance to our Onteora campsite. Back in the day, all troops built towers at the entrance to their campsites, and competition between troops was formally judged. While not all troops invest in this construction project these days, we continue to make this effort a proud pursuit every year. Some years the tower may not be completed until it is time to take it down and break camp, but the scoutcraft skills developed, team-building lessons learned, and the resulting sense of accomplishment always make the effort worth it.


Onteora Summer Camp Programs

The Theodore Roosevelt Council (TRC) of the Boy Scouts of America operates the Onteora Scout Reservation, delivering a great summer camp experience through well-trained staff. Scouts of different rank and age have a variety of programs, and associated merit badges, to pursue.

Aquatics Program
The Waterfront and Aquatics Program looks out over Orchard Lake. Offering both swimming and boating, the Waterfront is the most popular area at Onteora. There are swimming areas for non-swimmers / beginners / swimmers, a large program area for those taking BSA Guard and Lifesaving, and a floating dock. A small craft area with a separate dock area offers row boats, canoes, sailboats (sun-fish), and kayaks.

swim small boat sailing   life sav   row   can   kay

Climbing Program
The two climbing towers at Onteora offer a challenge for any level climber and provides opportunities for rappelling. When using the tower, the camp will provide all safety equipment including helmets, harnesses, and ropes.


Communication Program
Scouts are taught communication skills and practice them regularly. The Communication Program enhances skills in reading, writing and research.


Dan Beard Program

Dan Beard is our first year camper program for new scouts.

scouting heritage

Field Sports Program
Our Field Sports program is perfect for your athletic and sports-oriented scouts, as well as those who want to try something new. Field Sports also offers Mountain Bike treks around camp for both your amateur riders and high-adventure seekers.

Athetics   fish   personal fitness   orienteering   Sports

First Aid Program
The most important skills Scouts will learn are the potentially lifesaving skills of First Aid and Emergency Preparedness. From simple problems, such as blisters and sunburn, to more severe medical problems, Scouts are trained to spring into action when the need arises.

Emergency Preparedness   First aid

Glaize Program
“The Glaize” is based on a multicultural 1790s frontier settlement made up of hundreds of Shawnee, Miami, and Delaware Indians, British and French traders and artisans, a few African American and white American captives, and whites who had married into or been adopted by Indian families. This historical Utopia offers the opportunity to participate in activities like blacksmithing, tomahawk throwing, native Pow Wow dancing, and Mountain Man rendezvous.

Arch   Met work   Amer cul   Geology   Ind lore   Amer Her   wild sur 

Handicraft Program
The Handicraft Program features exciting merit badges, programs, and activities. Paint, glue, and craft materials are found here, and a well-equipped lodge for any project you have in mind.

art   bas   leather   wood carv

Nature Program
The nationally certified BSA Ecology Director at Onteora, and his trained staff, help scouts get a better understanding of our land, air, water, and life systems. Camp conservation projects may also be arranged within the construct of this program.

astro   envio sci   energy   fish and wildlife managment   forestry   mammal study   nature   reptile and amphibian   soil and water con   sapce exsplore   weather

Shooting Sports Program
Whether it is Archery, Bolt- Action .22 Caliber Single Shot Rifles, or 12 and 20 Gauge Shotguns, Shooting Sports will teach you how to do it safe, and then let you test your skills. A Nationally Certified BSA Shooting Sports Director runs all the ranges with his trained staff. Participants must be 12+ years of age for the rifle program and 13+ years of age for the shotgun program.

archery   shotgun   rifle

Scoutcraft Program
The Scoutcraft Program offers exciting Outdoor Skills opportunities. From learning to use knives, saws, and axes, to mastering the knots and lashings to build that great pioneering project, this area has a lot to offer.

back pack   camp   cooking   geocaching   hiking   pioneering

Trades Program
It is in the Trades Program that work towards a merit badge can transform an idle interest into a possible career for the Scout.

electristy   farm   home repair   plumbing   weilding