Troop Newsletter: November-December

Camping Program: Alder Lake Trip

This year’s fall Alder Lake trip started with a hike into the lake from the opposite direction of the previous year. It was
a perfect day for hiking and the terrain was challenging.  After reaching the camp and setting up we were treated to an acoustic jam by Scott and Eric Mingorance with others jumping in.


Camping Program: Giant Ledge Trip

What a great place for a hike.  It’s craggy, some steep climbs and an awesome overlook.  Saturday was a bit surprising with some snow on the ground and then realizing our regular campsite was inhabited.  We found a new unofficial spot to camp and it worked out great.  The experimental dinner was a hit and with a drizzle of sriracha sauce, fuggedaboutit.


The actual ledges….


Camping Program: Ward Pound Ridge Trip

This gem of a place is only 1.5 hours from home. There are big lean-to shelters up on slopes, open fields and many trails with interesting destinations. We spent the early part of the first day hiking to an overlook and then to Leatherman’s cave.  Leatherman was a legendary guy who hiked a loop throughout New England and slept in caves along his loop.  He gets his name from the garments he made for himself out of donated swatches of leather, interesting fella. The brisket for dinner was phenomenal.


image15 image16

Fundraising Program: Pumpkin Sale

Fall, pumpkins, soccer, money, what’s not to like?  The pumpkin sale was a new fundraising effort for this year and if anything, it generated some very interesting sales ideas and some money.  This was a big effort on part of the scouts and all that participated were very helpful.


Fundraising Program: Poinsettia Sale

My poinsettias are still alive at this writing, that should say it all, but I will add that there were no kittens killed and the troop raised a considerable amount of money.  Another big effort by the scouts who are really instrumental in these fundraising efforts.


Community Service: Holiday Caroling at the Atria

Wow, there is some real entertainment talent in this troop.  The scouts did their best to entertain and bring holiday cheer to the residents of the Atria and they succeeded!  We were joined by scouts from Pack 278 and their families.  All had a great time.

A brass and woodwind ensemble, under the direction of alumni Scott Hoefling was a great new addition.  And that trombone and tuba duet, what?  It’s all about that bass clef!

image19 image20

A raucous pizza party at Stangos topped off the night.  Bye to Stangos but hi to the new year!

Adding this alumni pic, just because it’s great….